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MTE Consultants Inc. has provided consulting services to communities throughout Ontario since 1985. For more information on MTE's history, please visit the About MTE page.

Corporate Responsibility Statement


MTE Consultants Inc. is focused on playing an active role in the communities in which we work. As such, our organization feels compelled to carry out our business activities in a socially and environmentally reliable manner. The following outlines the efforts that drive our commitment to corporate responsibility:

Standards of Ethical Conduct

We expect employees to meet high ethical standards in all aspects of our business, by conducting all activities with honesty and integrity, adhering to our corporate values, and complying with applicable laws and regulations.


Employment Practices

We are committed to our staff and their well-being. We demonstrate this through the support of ongoing training and development initiatives, as well as through a culture which encourages work-life balance.


Community Participation and Involvement

MTE actively supports various community and social groups. Our employees, through participation in their communities, supply knowledge and skills to local projects and volunteer their time to various causes.


Environmental Responsibilities

MTE respects and values the environment and is committed to a greener future. We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, and strive to select environmentally responsible vendors. We show our support through the implementation of various initiatives, such as our recycling and shredding programs and the greening of our building environment and landscape.


Active Participation and Contribution to the Industry

MTE understands and values our role and responsibilities in the science and engineering sector. We are strong supporters of our local educational institutions through our participation in scholarships, involvement in co-op, mentoring and career programs and by providing lecture and project assistance. We also support our profession through active membership in the professional associations related to our fields of work. We regularly interact with these groups to establish a high standard of service and excellence in our communities.


Health and Safety

All members of MTE are provided with appropriate health and safety training for their positions, and are required to abide by regulations of the Ontario Health and Safety Act, and Ontario Regulation 213/91 (Construction Projects). In addition, we have established a Joint Health and Safety Committee and a Management Health and Safety Working Group, where management and employees monitor and address health and safety issues and concerns that arise. 


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